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 Who we are

The page Biblio-top-links is a joint project of public libraries inSwitzerland. Librarians from the participating libraries put together the best link collections for all areas of knowledge and subject matter.


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Get access to the books available in libraries spanned across the country.

Literature & Languages

Language is no barrier here – catch up with some of the best literature in a host of languages.

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That’s all you need to access our treasure trove!

Reference books

Run through our site; we’ve got a tonne of reference books available.

Culture & Events

Because you need to know what’s happening around!


Apart from books, we got loads of other useful links too.

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That will help you enhance and enrich your present!


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How we work

Selected links will be commented on, so that you can quickly get the information you are looking for. Special Swiss-specific links are considered. Databases and other Internet services are only included if they are free of charge. In our sections you will find link collections as well as very good direct links.

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From Our Clients

“On the internet, finding what you exactly want is a task. This initiative is a blessing – all important and relevant links are in one place – makes my work a lot easier!”

Andrel Nahaev

“A keen reader, I love keeping myself updated on what’s happening around. And this site is indeed a treasure – I have easy access to all that I love to read about!”

Tom Ewer

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